There was a movie that came out recently that became a big hit that many of us didn’t see coming. The film entitled Get Out written by Jordan Peele deals with difficult conversations and situations that many of us encounter but, find them hard to confront.

In this movie, the most talked about metaphor was referred to as the “sunken place.”  What is the sunken place?  It’s a brainwashing technique that separates the consciousness of the victim from the control of their body. The young man in the film was in a sunken place – mentally aware, but not in control of his body and will . He was sinking into the floor, and no matter how hard he screamed the system (the sunken place) silenced him. In a real way, we can all identify with being in a sunken place. No matter how hard we scream, some systems continue to silence us! I want to encourage you,  if you are in a sunken place you cannot erase your scars as if they didn’t happen. You were born to be real not to be perfect!

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