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Great leadership is not personality; it is humility. It is with the most profound sense of obedience to God's call to the Episcopacy that I offer myself for the office of Bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

I have a great love, deep respect, and passion for our church! Leadership is a lifestyle built on relationships! I am a product of relational leadership. I am a 4th generation CME with family roots that began in Winona and Holly Springs, Mississippi. I was raised on Chicago's Southside in St. Paul CME Church.  I had the distinct honor of being baptized (as an infant) by Pastor Dotcy Ivertus Isom, Jr., who later became my bishop and ordained me as a deacon, elder, and full connection to serve in this ministry. 

My story may be similar to many who serve within our connectional church, but I believe my leadership exposure will provide a distinctive voice to the College of Bishops. God has graced me with both opportunities and challenges that have pushed me beyond the norm of ministry and molded me to become the leader I am today. I can bring a fresh perspective to the College of Bishops as an administrator, managing a church budget of more than a million dollars while servicing a debt load of almost double this amount, and creating an environment for millennials and all ages to operate the leadership of the church faithfully.  In my servant calling span, I have built the Curry Temple CME Church and have grown numerically, spiritually, and financially three CME Churches! One congregation more than doubled its membership, and two of three quadrupled the membership and its budget. 

It is at Beebe Memorial Cathedral CME, where God allowed us to thrive from 81 members to more than 3000 while paying conference claims of $50,000 plus a year and raising more than 1.25 million dollars per year. I have the privilege to serve on every level of the church from being an administrative assistant to presiding elders, regional administrator to three Bishops, a joint board finance chair, to the national signatory for the CME Church. Today, I am called to strengthen tradition while activating a new direction. I am fortunate to have a pulse on navigating the complicated waters of the church decline, while maintaining a relevant ministry with national exposure. 

I have experience serving on non-profit boards and advisory roles that have prepared me to function in the collegiate setting of the College of Bishops. I understand the durability of collaborative vision and the necessity of working together for the collective best interest of the church. I believe I have been uniquely prepared for this opportunity and would be fully committed to giving my very best in service toward the sustainment of our future. I desire your prayers and vote to help me become your next elected bishop in the Lord's church. Thank you for your service of our Zion and your prayers for this journey to the General Conference of 2022. Please see the enclosed brochure for more information regarding my ministry journey. 

Standing in Grace,

Rev. Dr. Charley Hames, Jr.
Senior Pastor



What are the responsibilities of a Bishop in the CME Church?

CME Church LogoThe Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) church is governed by a College of eleven presiding bishops who provide leadership across more than 4,000 CME churches in the United States and Africa. Each presiding bishop provides administration and oversight covering an ecclesiastical district comprised of hundreds of churches that span multiple US states or African countries depending on the assignment. The bishops are responsible for the growth and sustainment of the denomination through the nurturing, inspiration and development of pastors and laity across the local, district and national levels of the church.


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