Notes From The Doctor: The 60 Day Devotional Treatment Plan For The Spirit

RELEASING SEPTEMBER 2020 – For over sixteen years, I have spent time sharing inspirational nuggets with the San Francisco Bay Area through radio on 102.9 KBLX fm. I have had many people write or call my office to request what they heard me share over radio waves for their personal devotional use. Notes from the Doctor was sparked by what I shared out of my love to inspire people to live better lives. I hope that this 60 Day Devotional Treatment Plan for the spirit will encourage you, stretch you, and affirm you in a way that will uplift your essence and transform your heart.

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Charley Hames Exchange Book

So many individuals go through life hurt, mistreated, shattered, bruised, and broken, with no tools to repair the ruptures they’ve endured. I know this because I was one of those people who simply accepted my brokenness as part of my journey.  Through stories, humor, and practical principles, Dr. Hames shows you how to let God redeem your shattered story and use you for His divine design.  Every pain has a purpose, and the only person who can discover the meaning of your pain and use it for God’s glory is you.  If you’re in church leadership, business, teaching in a classroom, or running a home and want to trade your struggle for God’s phenomenal plans for you, this book is for you! See our Reader’s Reviews here!

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Pressing Reset

Charley Hames Pressing Reset Book

Many people live frustrated and dysfunctional lives because no one took the time to prepare them for the change that was bound to happen. Pressing Reset is not just designed to help you cope with change. The book gives you the tools to identify the change and to help you successfully reset and start over. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you, resetting your life is an attitude and process that will allow you to live out the purpose God has in store for you.  See our Reader’s Reviews here!

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